Friday, August 5, 2011

As It Happened....

We made love
red heat under my skin
like a boil, a welt, coming to surface with a sting
the pange of regret, and the oh so fucking awareness
it wasn't real

But we gorged on each other
and I spread my legs to you
the width of you, and us, and wider still
as if I could not open enough
and it never was...was it?

But your name was in my hair
scritching out a memo of our deed on the pillow
where I lay naked, moon light bathed
because you would have wanted it so

And on the last wave
we floated away
as if we ever had.

1 comment:

Lil Coyote said...

yes, love should be gorged on, like a pie eaten without hands
and names stitched and branded
and who's to say whats real?
have you walked the moon?
poked the sun's eye?
and yet...

and certainly floating away is better than falling away
a very lovely journey here