Friday, August 26, 2011

The Collector

I think one of the greatest things we do for each other "in here" is witness. Without judgment or even opinion at times, we witness each other in the minutia that gets missed. So much goes on between our ears, the unspoken growth and death that our fingers scream about on the page. We witness these things and press their petals into our scrapbooks. It's important to be so heard, and collected.

(blog post response)


Lil Coyote said...

true but i wonder why. to validate? to just not feel alone? i think, unfortunately, it's very hard for witnesses to not judge in at least small unspoken ways
lil coyote

ShoeBox said...

Ha. Notice that huge outspoken word at "times". We judge at times as well. We release judgement. Yes, I believe to validate. To feel another human hand along our bumpy ride. To have our frail fingers crushed in the big paw of someone who says they have seen it to, and lived.