Friday, July 29, 2011

Off The Cuff, Like This...

"I want to fuck a girl
No wait! Maybe two
Or maybe a girl and a guy
Or maybe I want to just fuck myself

I want to drink
Get drunk
Piss all over your shoes
Then puke in your pocket
Just so you'll know my life

All these bastards driving in circles
All these thoughts
Driving me crazy
That damn ocean
That just won't listen
That lover full of self
My life, full of shit

I wish i was fat
Just to wish myself skinny
I wish i was fucked
Just to break the wall
I wish i was drunk
Just to piss on your shoes."

~Lil' Coyote


Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Remind me not to wear sandals when you're drinking.

ShoeBox said...

heh heh. I didn't write this but I love it. Written in under a minute I would imagine. Cranked out on a cell phone. I'm thinking I shouldn't try so hard. He teaches me this. Quit sharpening the pencil. Your mandles are safe :)

Lil Coyote said...

hey you! that wasnt fair to post this pce of crap! ha!
how bout in ten seconds in hvy traffic! ooooooh i owe you one!

ShoeBox said...

I liked it. Radio. You were born for the shock jock genre.