Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This year has been a silent film
emotions flickering and exaggerated
for lack of a voice.

I've run them through the centrifuge
and separated the head from the heart
the will from the way
the duty from the will
and found myself wanting, as for years now
I have

Are you coming around?
Can you see beyond all that we crafted
to all that was meant?

There is a shadow
long and gray as a nameless street through my responsibility
it limps along on three wheels
only one of which is inducted.

That wheel keeps turning
strong and dedicated as ever
and for that, we go in circles.

1 comment:

Far Beyond The Ridge said...

well, ya nailed it
yepper, i know that three wheel ride.
cept i'm not even sure which is the heart and which is the head
just a caucophony