Friday, March 23, 2012

Stuck Between

a dog barks
and you don't even realize
your leg lifts
as if the noise were your true North
and your leg nothing but the rising of dawn
as it always was

the entrance of the sun
into a darkness you have assimilated
as the beginning of each day

what can you do with a sun
you cannot capture?

You shield your eyes.


Far Beyond The Ridge said...

i'm trying, honey, to get the lifting leg reference. Just an awakening?
itry not to shield my eyes-i try to meet it halfway, not let it know it can defeat me.

ShoeBox said...

I seriously don't even remember this, but I think it was in reference to a pavlovian response...that bark-leg-lift one completely fabricated of course :)

Far Beyond The Ridge said...

i never really understood that pavlonian shit- i need to better study it