Thursday, September 22, 2011

the things we do against all we can't

It's 5:00 AM, I'm on my bike beneath a teenage moon that's still wide awake from a night of heavy partying. His eyes blink drunkenly as I follow the beam of my narrow headlight. If he wasn't so hung over, he'd be doing a better job, or at least give way to day. But the sun will hurt his eyes, and he's in no hurry whatsoever to fall behind the world.

I pedal to the coffee shop with my goosebumps on full alert to the temperature of night. I stand at the counter, rub my eyes. "Decaf." She looks at me askance and I shrug. I take the long way home...stopping to window shop and sip the cinnamon off the surface of my Java. When I get back to the house I tuck myself away in the of poetry, a flashlight, my warm mug. The moon yawns and slips just a bit...just enough that the world becomes silhouette, and I nothing but another black mark against the skyline.


Lil Coyote said...

I like you like this
living the mornings this way
you should never stop
it's rightexcept for the decaf
what can be better than a flashlight, a drunken moon
and words that warm you
lil coyote

ShoeBox said...

You're right. I am an edge of light being. I feel most comfortable as silhouette on one end of the other. In equal parts, I feel like this is a completely anti-social way to live, and yet the healthiest thing I do for myself is be alone (perhaps for other people to). I can be a toxic being. I can be sugar. Our CFO says to me at the lunch table...after a lengthy discussion (and he says it like it's going to shock me!) "You are AWFUL! You are TERRIBLE. You are so negative." Pfffft. I am peeling with laughter and he is confused. He thinks I should be hurt and insulted. "Did you think this was news?" I ask. "I know I'm a little black rain cloud." He scoffs. "You are a tsunami". I say, "Feel free to eat elsewhere Alfonso." He shakes his head. "I find it fascinating. You are never static." Hmmm. Now I feel like Jason. I am specimen, and Alfonso has his jar open and the lid ready to snap closed. Toxic Sugar. Guess that's about it. But alone, at the edge of light, there is no one to injure. Well...the moon was kinda pissed I called him drunk. He swears he only had 3 beers. "fibber"