Thursday, September 15, 2011

Easy Out

Ommission has a backward ease to it

you can't return
to the forgotten
once your footsteps
have hardened in clay

so we shrug

there's no power over yesterday
and no ruse to circumvent

Let us lie
at the intersection
of our parallels

(poem response to a 3 Word Wednesday poem. Photo showed construction of two bridges that ran into each other.)


Lil Coyote said...

you say to the forgotten
but do we forget?
is it possible?
i've not mastered that one
and everytime i lie at an intersection
i get run over by a bus
lil coyote

ShoeBox said...

Nah...of course not. Therefore we lie and deny.

That's what happened to your little ass eh? Flattened by a bus. I'm gonna try it.