Friday, September 28, 2012


Do you ever wonder what we would be
if your life hadn't choked you...
leashed your neck in a way you felt was irreversible?

Would we be lying cheek to cheek
hands locked and laced
while our desires ran the race track

Would we have pummeled each other bloody,
to either beat a hasty retreat
or realized we were both vampires?

Would we be amazed at the level of intimacy achieved
or disgusted by the fantasy we created
only to find it as unrealistic as Hugh and his bunnies?

I guess we will never know.

That's the part the destroys me
or doesn't...
even that,
having no accessible score.

Just conjecture.


Far Beyond The Ridge said...

I put the balloon on the spiget, turn the handle, and try to fill it as full as possible without breaking it.
I'm as free as i can allow, for now.
More free than others, worldly and other worldly, would have me.
Perhaps it's the conjecture that keeps me from overfilling the balloon.
Right now, as you say, we might have been the magic we dreamed.
Maybe that's better than finding out we wouldn't have been.
Who knows

Far Beyond The Ridge said...

Maybe, it's better you say "he may have been the greatest love ever"
Than have you say, "he was the biggest mistake i ever made"
That's what my post tomorrow is about.
Not really thinking myself good enough for anything more.

ShoeBox said...

And where would we, me, BBB, if we ever could feel worthy? Damn our parents. Damn them big time. Can we overcome, at such a late hour? Is it cowardice or practicality that tells us not to try?

Note to self...