Saturday, July 28, 2012

Premature Offering

Why do I miss you so much
when the sun is filtering through
grape vines that we used to dance through
as if we were flesh?

Why did you offer yourself up
as the lamb
to all my sacrifice?
Why did I?
We were so blemished.

I ran the vines tonight in my shoeless feet
and the dirt was softer than sand
so much so
I floated on it. I swear I did!
The moon rose, and the sun set
simultaneously! It was beautiful.
At least it would have been
if you had seen it.

That woman from across the continent...
she should have been you
but she wasn't
so she sang your heart instead
and it came to me on a westward wind.

I felt you
sort of.
I wanted your arms.
I needed them more.


Far Beyond The Ridge said...

I love how you wonder out loud in the beginning. Short crisp lines. Then weave an alluring tale of all that was lost because he fell short.
I can't help but pity him though he doesn't deserve pity.
A really pretty write, annie

ShoeBox said...

There was no falling short. It didn't feel like that. Just a phsyical absence of something desired. And yet, the universe accomodates. The song came. The singer brought the heart closer to me. It was a poem of longing...the loneliness wanting a balm. But of course I am realizing the loneliness is always there, an organ of sorts, rattling around the cage of ribs.

No one deserves pity. They deserve understanding and compassion... and no one needing it more than self. The self gets all the judgement and hatred. Sad. It is so worthy of more but has a hard time recognizing that or accepting love.