Friday, June 24, 2011

Silent Conspiracy

I'm not sure
I'm not at all sure we haven't a mute existence between us that is conspiratorial.

The eyes have so much to say!
The slope of your shoulder is brethren to the tremor in my knee.

Together they whisper about the nature of our lives
and bat our wishes between them in the cloistered halls of our monastery.



ShoeBox said...

I like this. I like this place. I like that there are three of us. A strand of woven, not easily broken. I like what I write here. I like that it is my response to others that pulls the best from least I think so. Ha! And what measure is my thought? Fuck it. Let's post it to the masses and see, shall we? Call the bookie. Three comments? All one liners? Six? Ha! Place your bets.

Anonymous said...